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Dedication to cycling is not just for the professionals

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From tdf2014_ - Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) launched a lata attack to win stage 2 and take the lead at the Tour De France on sunday. #tdf #tdf2014 #tourdefrance #tourdefrance2014 http://ift.tt/1olx3aJ
Vive le Vélo

Dylan Stucki, Durango, Colorado

Countless hours of passion are released with the pour of a fresh craft beer, a refined and humble work of art that is an expression of a simple pleasure. A great beer embodies a sense of freedom and escape from the mundane.

For the same reason I love a great beer, I reach for Kitsbow when heading to the trails.

An appreciation for the finer things – the handmade and passionate – distinguish the obsessives. Always searching for perfection and guarding the details, Kitsbow’s ride apparel is composed of the finest selection of fabrics, tailored to fit, and mindfully crafted.